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Jacqueline Woods

Jacqueline Woods


Jacqueline Woods is the Principal of Hidden Hills Elementary and works closely with the Hidden Hills community, at the heart of which is its students, staff, and families. She takes pride in a school that supports and nurtures the whole student, and celebrates a staff that will go the extra mile to give students what they need to reach their fullest potential.  

Before being named Principal of Hidden Hills Elementary, Jackie spent the last three years at Hidden Hills as the Assistant Principal, getting to know the community, each student, and continues to work to uphold a school culture that puts the needs of the students first. She has taught for over 14 years in a range of grade levels beginning in Kindergarten all the way through seventh grade. She came back to PVSchools because the district’s focus is aligned with her own values and the intense focus on supporting our students and pushing them to become their best selves. 

Jacqueline has a Bachelors of Psychology from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and a Masters in Educational Leadership from ACE; American College of Education. She has a background in working with children and adolescents with emotional disorders.