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Elementary Curriculum

Students master standards in language arts, mathematics, science and social studies. They also enrich their learning through special programs including music, visual arts, physical education, computer education and drug and substance abuse education.


ConnectEd is an online resource for students, parents and teachers that accompany our K-8 adopted math curriculum. It contains online texts, homework help, video tutorials and more.

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Homework Policy

Governing Board Homework Policy Change: 4.4.1 

The Governing Board supports teachers in holding students accountable for completing all homework. This policy is guided by the philosophy that the consequence for not doing homework is doing the homework. Site administrators and teachers will collaborate to develop programs and consistent practices to encourage and motivate students to complete all homework, and to provide opportunities for students to meet the requirement of completing missing homework for credit. 

The new policy does not mean your student will not receive a zero. It does mean that students will be given every opportunity, within reason, to turn in the work for credit. Please remember the purpose to homework is to practice newly acquired skills away from the educational setting to determine how much information is actually retained.

Move on When Reading

Read the parent notification letter from our principal regarding the state of Arizona legislation for students in kindergarten through third grade.

Move on when reading letter